I grew up in Staten Island, NY and was raised by my mother . Sweetest, cutest, and toughest woman I know. My mom raised me to be the young man I am today.

Growing up I had one primary objective.  My goal was to make this earth a better place for all of us. The way I would go about that was making people laugh and letting them know it's ok to be yourself. I believe in individuality and the art of expression. Being the compassionate and empathetic person I am I was always able to connect with people on a deeper level. I felt that was my gift, the gift of being there for someone emotionally. I pride myself in showing how much I love and enjoy my time with my friends and loved one. Of course I was great at being an entertainer and didn't mind doing the craziest thing just to show them we are together.

My goal will never change. My goal is to Never Stop making this earth a better place for all of us. I would love to do that with you.





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Glitter Talent

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