I am a Black-American actor born and raised on Staten Island, New York. I always been inspired to be an actor from performing in school plays and creating my own visions. I have been acting/modeling for several years now, and I must say my passion for it has grown to become larger than life itself! I truly love to perform and entertain. It gives me the opportunity to show multiple sides of my creative mind.  


 I attended Stella Adler for theater. I also went for film technique and scene study at Shiek Studios. Some films I was a part of are, “The Patient’ Directed by Ziqi Gao, where I was the lead role, “Flashing Life” Directed by Tetro, I was also the lead in this film. I’ve done some support roles, TV shows on Netflix, Bounce TV Network, music videos with Jordan Sparks, French Montana, and I’ve done some modeling with Adidas, Lugz, Morphe as well. I’ve also tapped into my creative director side and photographer as well. I like to consider myself to be very well rounded in this industry.  



   I find myself to be a true artist, and I express myself differently through every outlet of my artistry. Each form of art brings out a different side of me, because as humans we are so complex and that’s the beauty. In order to truly appreciate me and what I do you have to submerge yourself into your art side by allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Oh, and did I mention I am a poet! I enjoy expressing myself on multiple platforms. It gives different perspectives of my artistry to my audience. So, I guess you can say that makes me an author too. 


    My goals as an artist is to show and bring back what it is to truly love yourself and what you’re passionate for and express it subjectively. There’s no right or wrong way of loving. Unconditionally speaking, I am love! Allowing yourself to be imperfect is your biggest strength. There’s only ONE you. With that being said, don’t be afraid to show the world all the different sides you have to offer. Go out and EXPRESS YOURSELF!    “Don’t let negativity given to you by the world disempower you. Instead give to yourself that which empowers you.”  -Les Brown