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Elijah Gravely

is an African-American Actor/Model/Poet


About Eli

Hi, my name is Elijah Gravely I was born and raised on Staten Island, NY. I was raised in the city but I'm a country boy at heart. I was raised by a single-parent in my early ages and didn't meet my father till I was 13. Being that I was raised in my early age by a single parent, every summer my mom would send me to stay with my camp-folks in Delaware, Maryland or South Carolina with my cousins. (I guess I was just too much for my mom at times) Both places were life-changing for me. It's where I did the most activities that actually resonated with my soul and spirit. I used to swim in Creeks, rivers, go fishing and white-water rafting. It's also the places where I had the most near death experiences but hey I'm still here. So, yea it was definitely worth it. I always had a big imagination and believed I was a superhero. Whether I was a ninja, power ranger at school or a ninja playing in the backyard up in a treehouse. Till this day I still believe I have super-powers. My super powers aren't quite the same as when I was a child but being a student of Stella Adler has helped me develop and unleash other super-powers. I had the pleasure of learning from Deborah Kym and Jon Korkes as my acting technique and scene study coaches. Studying under them helped me land several theater gigs throughout my career. But,  I don’t like the idea of someone trying to put me in a box. I am not just an aspiring actor I am not just a actor. I am an artist.  I write poetry, I love to dance, listen to music and sing(I cannot sing) . I love to express myself in the best way possible when expressing myself. I don’t like to be limited in any sense of artistry. 

I am also a big brother, son, god-father and friend. Family and self explorations for greatness  is my "why". I have been teaching my brother to not limit himself. I tell him "don't put yourself in a box". You're unique. you're complex and all of these things makes you, YOU! 

  I find through my craft I do not only inspire my brother but I can reach a wider audience for the better. Through my artistry I want people to be able connect with each other on a deeper level. Open your mind up and hopefully with my instruments you can relate to what I am expressing. This is just the beginning of our journey. Let's do what we love unconditionally; strive for greatness and I promise you we will be filled with joy. 

   In acting I want to tell the writers side of the story and the directors side of a story thru my instruments. Being able to express myself and how I view the world through my work is my creative freedom. Through my artistry I strive for freedom in my life. Being a free spirit creative thinker gives me my power to be my complete self. 

Experience Elijah


Please get in touch for more information about Elijah Gravely, to discuss possible collaborations, or for any media inquiries and for resume requests. (

400 60th street, West New York, NJ


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